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SwingWing Golf is a Michigan based company that conceived and patented the SwingWing, with the goal of developing a wind-resistance trainer that all golfers could afford and benefit from, both in training and when warming up.  At $29.99, it is the most affordable and effective golf training aid available, and if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the SwingWing, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Where to Purchase

If you would like quick delivery with a 100% money back guarantee, you can check out through Amazon - see the checkout button at the top of the page.  Other places that you can purchase the SwingWing:

Hornung's Golf      800-323-3569          U.S.
J & M Golf             800-346-7788          U.S.
Global Tour Golf    800-757-7453          U.S.
AMA Golf               800-635-8062          U.S.
Golf Trends           905-795-8900          Canada
C&T International  46-8753-3735          Sweden
Perfect My Golf     44-1536-791999      England
Golf Warehouse    64-99640072           New Zealand
Champion Sports  61-8823391122       Australia
ACM Products      31-76-5043333        The Netherlands
Retailers & e-tailers:

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Roger Dunn Golf Shops
The Golf Mart
Van's Golf Shops
Golfers' Warehouse
Carl's Golfland
King Par
Miles of Golf
Maple Hills Golf
Mulligan's Golf
Haggin Oaks Golf
Game's People Play

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  SwingWing | About Us and the SwingWing Golf Trainer
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  • Builds power and increases clubhead speed for consistently longer drives.

  • Promotes proper tempo, lag, sequencing, and a full body turn.

  • Fastest way to loosen up before playing.

  • Fits any club - simply slide over the grip and down the shaft.

  • Durable, yet soft, flocked vinyl... won't damage graphite shaft.

  • Lightweight - easy to deflate, pack and carry.